Bookkeeping is one of those fiddly jobs that can really eat into your time. It’s pretty dull work, too. If you’d rather be doing something more interesting – like running your business – let me take on your bookkeeping task for you. Just round up all your invoices, bank statements and receipts and give them to me. I’ll tot everything up then hand you back neatly filed records with those all-important figures in one place.

Depending on the size of your business, you might want your bookkeeping done more frequently than once a year. Monthly or quarterly bookkeeping can help you keep track of supplier’s invoices as well as give you early warning if you need to chase debtors. It’s a timely way of monitoring your business performance.

To save more time to spend on your business, I can also do your Self Assessment tax return, limited accounts and year-end accounts.

* If you’d like help with your bookkeeping, please get in touch on 07772 466606 or send me an email.